Spaces, but not much time

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Hello to all – it’s been a while! We have been busy, and a bit neglectful in sharing our work with you all, but are finally getting around to posting some of the great press we have received. Back in early 2013, New York Spaces magazine included an article by Marjorie E Gage describing our Clinton Hill Townhouse, the most recent take on a great building that is over 125 years old. You can read it now, here!

More of The Insider



A few weeks ago, The Insider covered a Park Slope project of ours that was completed about a year and a half ago. It’s wonderful to have someone take the time to make a narrative out of memories, photos, and drawings from us and our clients. Click here for a link to the article. Enjoy!

The Insider – Brownstoner


Back in 2007, when we got our first peak at the house that would become our Clinton Hill Townhouse project, we fell in love. That same afternoon the client and I ran over to the Department of Building to see what, if any, old drawings for the house might still exist. Opening the folder, we found original drawings on linen from the late 1890s for the house’s first renovation and addition. Sadly that addition, shown in the image above, had been torn down in the 1920s. Last week Cara Greenberg wrote a wonderful article about the Clinton Hill Townhouse and it’s history. Take a look!

Houzz Tour

If you haven’t taken a look at Houzz yet, now is the time. Annie Thornton at Houzz has written a lovely article about our Clinton Hill Townhouse project. It captures a bit of the amazing history of both the house and the renovation.




Houzz is an online residential design sourcebook that can serve as a great resource for those contemplating either a renovation or new construction. When starting a project, we often suggest that clients look at Houzz along with other sources to collect images to share with us.  Beginning a collaboration by looking at images that a client is drawn to is always useful. Be it the natural light, the layout, the colors, or the style of cabinetry; knowing what resonates with a client helps us to incorporate those qualities into our design of their space.

Dream – Houses

Barbie has always been able to be anything a child could imagine, but we think it’s great that Mattel has moved architecture front and center as a career option for girls to  consider. A recent Reuters’ article has some comments from us about dream home features found in the design of one of the Barbie Dream House Design Competition finalist.