Carriage House Renovation – Week 10

We now have the beginnings of a new third floor underway! The sub-floor has also been laid down for the rear-half of the building. As you can see, things are really moving.


view from the second floor looking towards the rear – you can see part of the temporary roof above the third floor framing

looking up at the third floor framing to see the cross joist bracing and subfloor

the front of the building is on the left – what you see here is the temporary roof dropping down from the right on what’s left of the existing roof on the left, with a temporary downspout in place to carry the rerouted rainfall out through the building

Carriage House Renovation – Week 7

Progressing forward with the new structural steel! C-joists are going in on the rear half of the second floor, with preparations being made for the new third floor.


fuzzy image – if you look close you can see the old wood joists being use to brace the masonry walls while the new steel floor joists go into place below

same view looking towards the rear from the first floor

joist pockets being carved out of the masonry wall in preparation for the new third floor – original wood roof joists can still be seen above

Carriage House Renovation – Week 5

The new steel structure is now going in! As the weeks continue, the GC will replace the old wood joists with steel beams and C-joists, moving from the center of the building moving outwards to keep the masonry walls stable and braced during the process.


second floor looking towards the rear

the new steel beams have been pocketed into the existing masonry wall

looking up from the first floor – the original wood roof joists are still in place

Carriage House Renovation – Week 2

Demolition has begun! All interior partitions of the existing floors have been removed, leaving behind one large open second floor.



second floor looking towards the rear


second floor looking towards the front


a view of the year yard with a temporary art installation in place

Carriage House Renovation – Existing

We’re very happy to say we finally started construction in November on a project that has been in development for more than a year!


In essence, this is a gut renovation of a deteriorated carriage house located in a Brooklyn historical district and situated across the street from a very stunning church building. The renovation will bring restoration and balance to the front facade as well as reconfigure the interior for the new family moving in. A roof extension will add some badly needed space and open up to a new roof deck for additional outdoor space.


Below are some photos of the building prior to the start of construction.



looking back towards the rear on the second floor


front facade – clearly in need of some attention


first floor – the old stable now in use as a garage


one of the rear rooms on the second floor

Passive House Certification

We are pleased to announce that Kimberly is now a Certified Passive House Designer!




For more information on the Passive House Institute, see the link below.


The Passive House Institute

100,000 Houzz Saves!

If you’re a heavy houzz user, then there’s a good chance you have a photo of our work saved to your boards as we’ve just hit the 100,000 saves mark!




A big thank you to everyone who made it possible.We’ll be looking forward to adding more images of more recent work soon!

Our New Houzz Badge!

Remodeling and Home Design

We are proud to announce that we have unlocked The Influencer badge on Houzz!

As their website puts it: “The Influencer badge is given to pros whose advice and knowledgeable posts are most appreciated by the Houzz community.”

Thank you everyone who enjoyed our input!

Park Slope Brownstone Transformed

Cara Greenberg
 has written a lovely article about one of our projects.  She highlights how our design strategies in conjunction with Tamara Eaton‘s interiors have turned a small 1880’s brownstone into a space for contemporary living. Read the full article here.

Featured in Heirloom Modern

Image of pre-renovation salvaged light fixtures, from Heirloom Modern

Our Clinton Hill Townhouse strikes again!  Check out Heirloom Modern by the Hovey sisters (published by Rizzoli) – a book that explores the stylish combinations of old world treasures and elegant modern living.  Featuring large beautiful photographs, Heirloom Modern places the reader in the old Brooklyn mansion, telling its history and exploring the legacy its owner wishes to leave behind.